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Keynote Speaker- Steve Groff

Steve Groff Cover Crop Coaching

Steve Groff is a regenerative agricultural expert who has been educating farmers, agriculture influencers, and investors around the world on how to grow nutrient dense food that enhances human health and well-being. He has taught all over the U.S and Canada and in a dozen other countries.

Steve is developer of the Tillage Radish which is credited to be a spark plug for the current worldwide cover crop movement.

He published a book “The Future-Proof Farm; Changing Mindsets in a Changing World” that is available at

Currently he is consulting for 5 multi-million-dollar projects on how to implement regenerative agriculture methods in their endeavors.

Steve is a thought leader but what sets him apart is that he is grounded in the realities of modern agriculture in that he manages his 200-acre farm using the regenerative agricultural principles that he teaches.